Sunday, October 22, 2006

MV council candidates profiles

[Note to readers: Given the outcry that has accompanied the Voice's "decision" not to run council profiles this year, I have decided to pick up the slack. -- NOE]

In 2002, Matt Neely, Mike Kasperzak and Greg Perry emerged from a field of 11 candidates for Mountain View City Council, all promising to build more housing throughout the city. Perry's suprising decision to drop out of this year's council race robs the council of a man so meticulously honest he once reports $6.25 worth of buttons on a campaign contributions form. It also means that the phrase "at least one council member" will appear less frequently in the newspapers. Most of all, it means that the council will have lost its three biggest proponents of new housing projects, and the crop that replaces them is likely to roll back some of their efforts.

With the city awash in new residential developments as a result of recent votes, a growing residentialist backlash will have plenty of candidates to support this year. The Voice has endorsed three candidates it believes are likely to put the brakes on the housing developments. This is ironic, to say the least, for two reasons. The Voice consistently backed the housing policies supported by Perry, Neely and Kasperzak. Furthermore, the city council and city staff are both on record as saying they do not want the current pace of development to continue for more than a few years.

Anyway, here are he candidates, in alphabetical order, complete with links to their Web sites and smarmy comments:
  • Margaret Abe-Koga: Attacks by Perry and disappointing interviews spelled doom for her 2004 bid, but she's back for more after serving on the environmental planning commission for the last two years. Once again leading in endorsements and money raised.
  • Ronit Bryant: A sextalingual green thumb from Old Mountain View. Matt Neely once introduced her at a party as a planning commissioner before she reminded him that the council had rejected her application.
  • Alicia Crank: Human relations commissioner, renter, blogger, weight loss success story and Nemesis of Evil reader, and not the kind that found by doing a vanity search. (Speaking of which: welcome candidates.)
  • Tian Harter: Best understood by his decision to avoid paying federal income taxes by refusing to collect any income.
  • John Inks: Soft-spoken, upstanding libertarian parks and recreation commissioner. The kind of person whose best qualities are the same ones that will keep him from going far in politics. Has collected endorsements from those who fought against the city's decision to build a privately-operated child care center in Rengstorff Park.
  • Kalwant Sandhu: Blunt-spoken HRC member. Enthusiastic about sports, but rumored to pay too close attention to his jv soccer team's record and not enough to player development. Has suffered the indignity of the Voice mispelling his name in different ways on different occasions.
  • Jac Siegel: The conservative EPC member has the backing of several council members. A supporter, according to his Web site, of "win-win solutions," he is also one of Mountain View's 10 most eligible bachelors.
  • John Webster: Former standard bearer for the Libertarian Party, supports this guy, but also this guy. Barely lost 2004 primary after fellow party members decided certain things, like his unflinchingly honest biography, were best left off the platform.


Alicia said...

Wow, weight loss success story. That's a new one (description-wise) for me.

Also, you know Jac is married, right? :) I'm sure you did!

Anonymous said...

Ditto Alicia. Last time I checked (friday at the Senior Center Opening) Jac had a wife. Maybe you confused him with that former eligible Kasperzak during his first run, or Pear.

Eli Goldberg said...

This is the crop of candidates we're stuck with instead of Greg Perry and Matt Neely? So much for an effective city government.

I am so glad I just left Mountain View for Seattle.

blondebomber said...

Nemesis, who do you like in the council race?

Hard to see how any of them can handle the current members. Too bad Greg Perry decided not to run. Would have had a field day with this group.

blondebomber said...

The MV Voice endorsements were so predictable, I couldnt even get action in Vegas for a bet. Would have bet the house on this one. Does the editor really think this group will stop the growth of housing? Two of them sat on EPC and voted for most of these projects. The SC and LCV also endorsed them and they support high density, urban infill and and want to stop sprawl.

Nemesis of Evil said...

I did not know whether or not Jac had a wife, only that certain eligible ladies will be disappointed to learn that he in fact does.

blondebomber said...

I assume by eligible, you mean rich women in their 70's.

Nemesis of Evil said...

I have a much easier time telling you who I would have liked in this election (Greg Perry, Matt Neely and Oscar Garcia) than who I do like. I am a little wary that the council is going to become too ideologically similar, so while several of the candidates would be fine on their own, I think that Alicia Crank deserves quite a bit of consideration (not to mention the fact she's a loyal NOE reader).

Matt Neely said...

Yo. NOE. Nice to see that you are still involved.