Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Google enters negotiations to buy Congress

For those of you who didn't suffer through Atlas Shrugged, here's the plot:
A brilliant businessman named Hank Rearden is convinced he needs to hire lobbyist Wesley Mouch to curry favor in Washington. This advice winds up backfiring, as this supposedly fictional Washington runs on illusory notions of trust and equality instead of virtuous capitalist efficiency. Ayn Rand spends 900 pages knocking down straw men. Subsequently, a cult grows up around her, which is ironic, given her support of individuality.

Apparently, Hank Rearden's advisors have prevailed upons at Google. Its progressive leanings notwithstanding, the company has been hugely successful on the strength of its ideas and its execution of them. Instead of continuing with that wayhas decided to start funneling money to Republicans in a bald attempt to gain more influence. And if you ask the cheerleading team known as the San Jose Mercury News, the only problem with this is that they are not giving more.

This is as good an excuse as any to check in on the status of some of my favorite races to follow across the nation, starting with a place near, if not dear, to my heart.

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bigdra said...

Its not just the Merc, the entire bay area news media love to praise Larry and Sergey. I don't like those guys. They support Republicans and oppression in China and lure me with gigs of storage space to gmail so they can read my emails.