Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pointless or worthless?

I can't speak with any authority about Charlotte Jarmy's personal finances, even though I did have an unread compendium of her columns collecting dust in the "free book" pile atop the filing cabinet at the Voice. I am confident, though, that when politicians and talking heads refer to "Wall Street" and "Main Street," the latter is not a substitute for "Elite-Super Rich Families."


Kathy Schrenk said...

Um, wha....??? What the hell is she talking about? Were there supposed to be bullets in there, because it seemed to be a series of disjointed paragraphs.

And you say there's a whole book of this chick's writing?

Nemesis of Evil said...

An entire book. Hopefully it's full more gems like this one, comparing the expansion of a retirement home to massive layoffs and evaporating savings.