Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I bet they thought this was over

Remember Rickenbacker?

Erik Koland does.

Now that his crusade has turned the company into the subject of an investigation into a potential class-action lawsuit, I don't think Rickenbacker will be forgetting about him any time soon.

(I want to assure readers that I have done some research into the Sturdevant Law Firm and have reached the conclusion that it is an actual place with real lawyers and not just something Erik made up to get mentioned on the blog.)

Let this be a lesson to readers: just because the way you might have wronged Erik was trivial in no way guarantees that he will pass up the opportunity to avenge that trivial wrong later.

(Disclosure: Erik sometimes claims to be a correspondent for this blog).

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Anonymous said...

Just because you win doesn't mean you need to stop fighting.