Monday, March 24, 2008

They are going to go far in this field

Yesterday, the number of American soldiers who have died in Iraq reached 4,000.

With this milestone approaching, shortly after the fifth anniversary of the invasion, the Daily Bruin ran the following two stories side-by-side on the front page:

Girl Scout cookies popular
Individual responsibility vital to future of Undie Run

The Sacramento Bee marked the occasion by reprinting a year-old e-mail from my sister about her faceplant into a duck pond (which was first published here last year).

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Anonymous said...

Apparently the Pentagon mistakenly sent nuclear weapon parts to Taiwan in 2006 and despite repeated wtf? queries from them, didn't even acknowledge the gaffe until a year later and only now are they investigating what happened.. Instead the US has praised taiwan on how "responsible" they acted by letting them know they got nukes instead of batteries. Reminds me of the time in 3rd grade when i found a walkman on the playground and took it into the lost & found. i got a pat on the back. Thanks Taiwan!