Friday, March 28, 2008

Los Altos cancels election


It seems that my hometown can save $100,000 every election cycle by moving city council contests to even-numbered years.

You know what else would save money? Not having elections.

In vintage Town Crier fashion, much of its coverage focused on the unruliness of a member of the public, but reassured readers that this sort of rambunctiousness is uncommon.

The Town Crier editorial gets it half-right
, criticizing the plan for its potential impact on the school district. Ignoring for a minute whether the district would be smart enough to make the same change rather than shoulder the costs of an off-year election itself, the bigger and more obvious problem is that the change would allow the council to unilaterally extend their own terms. I'm no fan of voters, but not even the Los Altos Water Polo Alumni Security Council is that undemocratic.

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Anonymous said...

Seriously Ken Girdley is one of the most mild-mannered, nice guys at council meetings. If he's getting riled up, I'm surprised. Good thing they quickly restrained this bad apple. And yes, extending your own term is undemocratic indeed.