Wednesday, January 30, 2008

An exquisitely crafted tribute to folly

If you've got $24.5 million lying around, 47 View St. is unsurprisingly still on the market.

(If this is your first time at the blog, and you are already convinced it is not worth your time, please at least watch the video in the above link).

Whatever else you want to say about the house, you can't deny that it's ironic. The contractor bought it during the tech crash, and is now trying to sell it during a housing crash. Moreover, I'm not an architect, but "modern life as a celebration of nature" probably does not entail living in a house made out of Honduran mahogany.

Perhaps we do still have some shame in this town. Then again, if the Winbigler property sold, why shouldn't this one?

(Speaking of "art," if you only have $41,000 lying around, perhaps you can pay Rachel Slick not to build a sculpture of birds in the Shoreline wetlands)


BigDra said...

Speaking of filthy rich people in our town. I´ve heard rumors that one of the famed ¨Google Guys¨ bought the Winbigler property. I was going to post an appeal for info on it, but hoepfully I´ll get some responses here. Which one is it? How much did it sell for? Will it be bigger than the McNealy´s house?

Megan said...

View Street is a creepy ass house. It has panic rooms downstairs, fortified with steel, to protect the homeowners in case of a break-in and a call box inside. The living room bears a striking resemblance to the Overlook Hotel in "The Shining." And like you said, the mahogany trim is indulgent and odd – the outside looks like a coffee table.