Thursday, November 15, 2007

Good idea, bad idea

Good idea: Giving high school students a glimpse of local government by holding a meeting of a local government agency at the high school.

Bad idea: Holding out the Los Altos City Council as an example of how government works.

The Los Altos City Council is holding its Dec. 3 meeting at Los Altos High School to introduce students how the local government decision-making process works.

For those just joining us, the Los Altos City Council:
  • once passed a law forcing day workers to stand on the other side of the street. (After several defeats in court, the city had to settle the case for $65,000).
  • responded to a request by an LAHS student group to proclaim a Gay Pride Day in Los Altos by instead passing a proclamation that it would not issue proclamations about issues the mayor, who at the time happened to be a Mormon guy, found offensive. (In response, the students filed for a parade permit that the city legally had to grant, costing the city about $12,000 in police services).
  • repealed a law against claw machines only to leave intact an anti-gypsy ordinance.


BigDra said...

Don't forget about their current efforts to run immigrant entrepreneurs out of town and to continue chasing down those Mexicans with gas-powered leaf blowers!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Jon. You caused a thread on the Voice to be closed. :)

D. Frances said...

We screwed up the Dec. 3 date there-- turns out the council has yet to set a date for this meeting. Sorry about that.