Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sad news for the reality-based community

The once great San Jose Mercury News is surreptitiously trying to poll readers on how it should destroy itself. I suppose it's better to do these things intentionally and all at once, but that hardly makes ideas like naming the sections of the paper Live, Play and Innovate or scrapping every section but Business any less tragicomic.

If they are having trouble figuring out how to support their operation, they should call Bob Novak, who somehow manages to get paid for columns like the one he wrote this weekend. It consisted of a claim that some anonymous had told Novak that some another anonymous person or people had told him that anonymous people who work for the Clinton campaign had some unknown information about Obama but weren't telling anybody what it was. I can't imagine any other profession in which you could turn out that kind of work product and still keep your job.

Or if that fails, maybe they should take the advice of my former boss and try to "make it not suck."


Anonymous said...

I would object to implying that Novak is a journalist. He's a columnist. And as anyone who read Diana Griego Erwin's columns about made-up people in the Sacramento Bee knows, there are no rules. Besides which, I heard that thing about Obama too.

Kathy Schrenk said...

Great? Must have been pre-99.

Anonymous said...

Hey, anonymous 1, columnists can be journalists...and they should follow rules. Also, some journalists make things up. But then they're not real journalists, are they?