Friday, January 05, 2007

2006: The year our peace was shattered by a bunch of gays

The Town Crier is making one last effort to remind readers of all the good news in Los Altos in 2006.
"Some stories didn't impact schools or pocketbooks yet made big headlines, such as the controversy over a Los Altos City Council move not to issue proclamations pertaining to sexual orientation - an action that seemed in response to previous Los Altos High School student requests for a Gay Pride Day. Reaction, mostly from outside Los Altos, was fierce, leading to a gay pride parade downtown..."
I suppose someone at the Town Crier might be able to explain how a decision made specifically in response to a request from a Los Altos High School student group "didn't impact schools." But the only way they could believe that the resulting negative reaction did not come from within the city would be if they got their information solely from the paper's editorial pages. Besides the students, plenty of business owners and local politicians organized in opposition to the council's decision. The members of a local church marched in support. And let's not ignore the influence of this blog.

Relatedly, for the second year in a row, the story of a Los Altos Hills scoutmaster confessing to nine counts of molestation apparently was not worthy of a mention in the year in review. I'm sure this is purely a news judgment that this story is less important than the other items that did make it in, such as the monthly fee for a sewer connection increasing by $2.75 per home.


Patrick said...

you know, there wouldn't have been a LAHS gay pride parade when we were there. i think we have jesse's treatment of casey provan to thank for this, but at the same time, it should be said that the talon helped get the subject of gays at LAHS into the public debate. so i think we can claim that we held true to the finest liberal ideals, kind of.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. The Talon helped it get public debate and also single people out. If the way that poor provan kid was treated in high school was documented, Erik would be mayor of Los Altos!