Thursday, January 08, 2009

Army sends John Doe letters to 7,000 Gold Star families

Just in case anybody had any lingering feelings of positivity about the Iraq War. Len Ramirez of KPIX interviewed Karen Meredith on this story earlier today.

UPDATE: Karen, who has plenty of experience dealing with the army's bureaucratic errors (not to mention its substantive errors), puts it in perspective on her blog:
This "Dear John Doe" error is not the worst thing the Army has done and sadly if won't be the last "unfortunate mistake" they make. These kinds of errors, however unintentional, are so painful to a family member who lost a loved one. I wish the Army could get it right the first time. We deserve better.

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Happy said...

One overworked, undertrained and drastically underpaid staffer puts the wrong merge command into Word and doesn't have time to catch his mistake... not a surprise. IMO, this failure- bc this is just a less drastic version of the Walter Reed scandal or the decision to go with Interceptor body armor instead of Dragonskin- is the shit colored tarnish on 2000-2008 republicanism. You get the bureaucracy/army/level of troop welfare you pay for, and all of these shortcomings should (and could) have been addressed before anything else.