Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"Are they civilians now?"

How are we saying goodbye to the Bush Administration?

Having lost my motivation to write a big angry blogpost after then-President Bush paid tribute to my college teammate and his father in his farewell address, I figured I'd check out the tubes to see how other local groups are marking the occasion. (Oh sure, some people are celebrating the historic nature of Obama's inauguration, but we're not here to spread positive feelings.)

Ed Sheldon (and maybe MoveOn) reserved Civic Center Plaza in Mountain View for a "Goodbye Bush" party this afternoon.

Gimmicky new Castro St. restaurant uWink attempted some old-fashioned profiteering.

Karen Meredith mooned her tv.


BigDra said...

I rarely understand the titles of your posts. Normally they are obscure references to water polo or South Park that have little or nothing to do with the content of the post save some weird connection that only the NOE brain could invent. Care to explain this one for us? Some reference to closing Guantanamo? No idea...

Nemesis of Evil said...

As usual, this is because you haven't watched enough tv. Andy gets the credit for this one -- it's in fact an obscure reference to a scene from the end of Beverly Hills Cop II in which Eddie Murphy's character threatens to beat up the just-fired chief of police. In our present context, it could also be a metaphor for prosecutions of former administration officials.

I have been looking for a picture of this scene to "explain" the connection, but have so far been unsuccessful.

BigDra said...

Hahaha incredible! Whatever. I'm glad I didn't misunderestimate you! If any reader out there actually got that, I'll buy them a ticket to come visit our foreign correspondent on assignment.

Anonymous said...

Q.Now that Bush is leaving office, will you still play Rock and Roll Evacuation?

A. Nothing changes. Bush is eternal. Bush is all around you. You think that's air you're breathing right now? You think the water in the ocean is merely hydrogen and oxygen? You are a fool. There is Bush in all things. Bush is moving through all of us. You can feel Bush when you stare into the internet's eye. You can feel Bush in the low end of one of Smorgasbord's bass solos. Bush is forever. Bush is the alpha and the omega. George W. Bush....is love. The kind of love you want to have a beer with. The kind of love that would pull over to help you if you were broken down on the side of the road. The kind of love that holds the stars in place and keeps the polar ice caps from melting.