Friday, November 07, 2008

So Much for "Change"

Barack Obama's "change" is starting to look a lot like Clinton redux. Someone might want to tell him that reassembling the Clinton administration and appointing the same, old Democratic party faithfuls isn't "change."

In fact, its quite the opposite.

Good to see that Lawrence Summers hasn't lost any respect from the people in power after his humiliating, forced resignation from his post as president of Harvard in the wake of ignorant, sexist comments.


Nemesis of Evil said...

Didn't want to wait to give Pat a chance to weigh in on the Emanuel pick? Did you even vote?

BigDra said...

Of course I voted, who do you think I am? I'm a patriot goddam it! Pat's spending too much time gay-bashing and not enough time reporting on the Important Events of the transition to "change."

Patrick said...

Drew, you asshole, that was Jesse at the Mormon temple, not me. I can't believe you. As for the transition, I've already got a source in Emanuel's office- what about you?

BigDra said...

Apologies, Pat. Chalk it up to NOE's vague-at-best introductions for random blog contributions from ex-high school water polo players. Yes, much more fitting that it was Jesse who is widely known as Anti-Gay. Good association for the blog. Again, my apologies, Pat.