Monday, November 10, 2008

Loretta Sanchez is my new favorite Congresswoman

The fighting Congressional Sanchez sisters came to UCLA Law today to talk about their childhoods and hawk their book, Dream in Color.

Loretta, who last appeared on the blog two years en route to her crushing defeat of Tan "Rusty Shackleford" Nguyen, provided my favorite moments of the lecture:
  • Justifying her decision to interrupt herself mid-sentence and get up from her seat to step on a cricket: "I thought it was a cockroach"
  • Describing her parents' impression of her childhood intellect compared to her older brother's: "The retard."
  • Recounting her decision to run against "B-1 Bob Dornan" in 1996 after he refused to meet with her: "Screw you."

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Anonymous said...

This should make you enjoy her even more--Rep. Loretta Sanchez is currently vulnerable to an ethics investigation and House discipline over allegations that she is having an affair with a married military officer who was assigned by the Pentagon to be her official escort on congressional travel. These allegations have been investigated and verified by her Republican opponent in the 2008 elections. Use of official travel to pursue the illicit relationship clearly violates House standards of conduct and military regulations governing the officer involved. We have found that the officer left his family and the Army at the request of Rep. Sanchez and is happily banging her to this day. For details, just google: loretta sanchez scandal.
Loretta Sanchez's sex scandal with Jack Einwechter has all of the elements of a great political sex scandal--a sexy pol with a slutty image, a military officer, a Playboy connection, exotic international trysts, secret lives, Washington intrigue, etc. I guess the media were too distracted by the financial meltdown and a very interesting presidential election to give this the attention it deserves. But at least we have something to look forward to in the 111th Congress a this torrid tale of lust and power unfolds! Can't wait...