Thursday, February 14, 2008

Pressure's on

Sorry about the lack of posts recently. I've been playing hooky and spending my weekends skiing rather than scouring the local news. In the meantime, some of the Wiener children have actually been productive:

Jocelyn won a McClatchy Presidential Award, one of nine the newspaper conglomerate gave out in the second half of 2007, for her article on the fates of the former members of an inner city pee wee football team.
Fifteen years later, Sacramento Bee reporter Jocelyn Wiener tracked down the survivors of a champion youth football team from a rough part of the city. In a series of interlocking profiles she told a heartbreaking story about the terrible risks and temptations that African American boys face growing up. Combined with extensive web presentations, the effort turned stories that might well have faded from view into a compelling and challenging public portrait.
Andy (despite the fact that the last "book" he read was Johnny's Damon's autobiography Idiot) has been left and right getting into law schools that rejected me.

Bubba qualified for boardercross nationals, though I'm betting he's prouder of the following comment on the sophomoric college rumor Web site (which features recent posts entitled "Being Drunk" and "Jews, thoughts?"):
i agree theres a big difference between hot and well known, but if you were just doing this within the sophmores (which are usually most social) in the greek system I would say...

5 most "popular" boys: (I would do them all)
carmel ashur- social and pretty hot
lorenzo einaudi- sig nu social chair, not as hot but great body :)
asher luzzatto- social and hot, good style
adam groth- knows everyone, one of the coolest guys
matt wiener- phi psi social chair, pretty hot too
Somehow, I feel that correctly answering a trivia question in class last week is not quite the same.


Anonymous said...

Andy can end up a Supreme Court Justice and Joc can win a Pulitzer and it still won't overshadow the embarrassment Bubba's social decisions have caused. It also should be noted that all entries on are anonymous and that "Matt" probably submitted that post himself.

Anonymous said...

Finally, an intelligent comment on this blog

Anonymous said...

who made that comment? matt is totally hot! except for his name is mattie, not matt. is mattie wiener not a hot name? also - noe - are you again outing your identity? also - noe is having some very successful games of scrabble online and fighting the likes of the town crier.

Nemesis of Evil said...

Joc, there's a photo of me in the top left corner of the main page. And only you call him Mattie; the NOE style guide dictates that he be referred to as Bubba.

Anonymous said...

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