Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Hate crime in Pioneer Park

Pinned from Palo Alto Online:
Two young white men were arrested last weekend after beating an African-American man in downtown Mountain View's Pioneer Park while shouting white supremacist slogans and making Nazi salutes, according to Mountain View police.

"This is white power!" one of the suspects reportedly shouted... A dagger was held over the victim, identified only as a 19-year-old Mountain View resident, as he was beaten and his hair was pulled, police said. ...


Sigua said...

If there's humor to be found in this it's that the guy was yelling "This is white power!" yet "Police say both victims sustained minor injuries and declined medical attention."

Come on, a two-on-one beatdown and all the victims came away with were injuries minor enough to not even warrant medical attention? One of the guys even had a knife for fuck's sake. Sounds like "white power" is pretty weak.

Anonymous said...

Milqtoast power!!!1