Thursday, August 03, 2006

The best-educated burrito truck in England

One is a Los Altos High School valedictorian, Ivy League graduate with a master's from Cambridge. The other has an L.L.M. from the University of Texas. Together, they are mannamexico.

British people have an odd habit of greeting each other by asking, "You alright?" (At least that is what it sounds like they are saying). This is perhaps because of the fact that British people are frequently not alright, according to Friends of the Earth's rather ridiculous Happy Planet Index. People I have met here offer a few possible explanations from this. The cost of living is incredibly high, leading to a widening disparity between rich and poor. The weather is dreary. But, most of all, the food is terrible. So much so that the national newspaper is lamenting the decline of dishes such as pigs' cheeks in brine and boiled calf's foot. A burrito truck (they are currently looking to expand into a storefront) doesn't sound like quite such a bad idea, now, does it?

As the newspaper boy was yelling as we boarded the tube to Cockfosters, "Get it before the panic buying starts!"

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