Saturday, April 29, 2006

Ask what you can not do for your country.

Los Altos has chickened out on its plan to build a community pool complex, instead going ahead with plans for a 25y x 25m pool that is even smaller than the LAHS pool. It will leave enough room for lap swimmers but will likely squeeze out children, the elderly and less experienced swimmers.

The Rosita neighborhood has been trying to kill this plan for years, even though a pool complex would have been a much better community (and neighborhood) asset than the municipal operations center that was moved to make way for it. But this isn't really about community. Like most of Los Altos politics, this is about people wanting to be left alone to enjoy their money.
The Palo Alto Daily News quoted Mayor Ron Packard's comments as he cast the deciding vote:
I feel that any one neighborhood can only absorb so much burden for the common good of the community. ... I feel like that neighborhood has reached that limit, even with one pool.
Kennedy's inaugural address it isn't.

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