Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy New Year, Jews

I won't be posting much this week; I have a lot of people I need to apologize to.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Oh Snap!

Our Fearless Publisher has strongly discouraged more Intrade posts from this reporter.
However, Oh Snap!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dead guy endorses Toni Casey

This might have been an honest mistake, but it's still really funny.

On the other hand, Duffy Price, who leads the town activist group Hills 2000 and is helping Mordo’s campaign, noted that council candidate Toni Casey is listing endorsers on her materials who are, in fact, not endorsing her. One resident, Lou Antonioli, said Casey listed her husband, who has been dead 10 years.

She "took full responsibility for the error," but that hasn't mollified the town vandals.

Casey showed me campaign cards that had been defaced, with devil’s horns and a mustache drawn over her image, saying things like, “She has caused enough damage to LAH.”

It occurs to me that a certain of our correspondents is currently neither in Argentina nor in England.

Me? A hothead?

As BigDra recently reminded me, and as I recently for some reason mentioned during an interview with a judge, I have a blog. I suppose I should post something.

It has been a busy few weeks: a certain individual visited, and I earned my first ever red card this Sunday while politely explaining to a referee why he had misapplied a well-known rule.

Speaking of mistaking reasoned analysis for anger, the Voice celebrated the unveiling of Mountain View's new child care center in Rengstorff Park, crediting "cooler heads" for the completion of the project. Readers familiar with the project may remember that city used millions in taxpayer dollars and eliminated an acre of parkland in the part of the city that can least afford it in order to subsidize one private company over others in the same industry.

Being cool-headed himself, perhaps The Professor can explain why we shouldn't use the word "boondoggle."

UPDATED UPDATE: To be fair, for once, the Voice refers specifically to Jac Siegel's concerns about parking and Matt Pear's "grumbling" about liability, presumably for the cost of the loan should the operator go belly up. While those are hardly the best arguments against the project, I don't think they indicate a lack of cool-headedness. Pear's previous complaints that the project was "cradle-to-grave" socialism, on the other hand, might qualify.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Feedback on a Business Idea

Dear Readers. Just wanted to pick your collective brains on a business venture I've been thinking about for the last few weeks. What is this business you ask? Well its quite simple. After the Palin-McCain victory in November, I would be all set (website, etc) to help sane Americans establish themselves abroad. What do you think?

Oh yeah, when my email and phone are jammed with emails and calls on November 5th, make sure to mention the NOE blog and I'll give you guys priority...

Saturday, September 06, 2008

About Goddamn time

A while back I made an observation that the much-vilified airline industry was responsible for far fewer greenhouse gas emissions than the global beef industry, yet no one was calling for a cut in beef consumption.

So now, a year and a half later, the UN is calling on people to reign in on their carne consumption.

I'm just waiting for our patriotic backlash against this call and stereotyping to begin because the UN official making the call is an Indian (most likely a Hindoo).

What's not to celebrate?

The great nation of Swaziland recently celebrated the 40th anniversary of its independent and its bonehead King's 40th birthday. The King celebrated in style, which is nothing new. No one was celebrating the world's highest HIV rate...