Monday, September 29, 2008

Oh Snap!

Our Fearless Publisher has strongly discouraged more Intrade posts from this reporter.
However, Oh Snap!


Anonymous said...

who cares

Nemesis of Evil said...

I swear I did not write that.

To the person who did: Erik cares, because McCain trailing enables to watch Sarah Palin interviews for their comedic value without feeling like he is standing idly by as our country tears itself apart.

Actually, I think the most interesting thing about this map is how misleading it is. The bettors are not actually predicting that Obama will win 338 votes. His shares have a "lead" of single digits in Ohio, Virginia, Florida and Nevada, states with a total of 65 electoral votes. The odds that he wins all of them are not particularly good. On the other hand, the odds that McCain holds all of the red states on the map are much better -- only North Carolina is within single digits, and Indiana is the only other red state where the margin is within 3.

I can't believe I just wrote intrade commentary on this blog. I should fire me.

Anonymous said...

yeah, who cares about what you said, too

Megan said...

huh. what is intrade anyway

Megan said...

gotta love the intrade.

Megan said...

eww different megan. that wasnt me