Sunday, June 01, 2008

A skull-cracking analysis of what ails the Mercury News

After trying and failing to explain to a confused out-of-town guest why the news section of the Saturday's San Francisco Chronicle consisted of only eight pages, I sat down this morning to thumb through a hard copy of the Merc for the first time since I got home two weeks ago. My mom took the front and my dad took the "local," leaving me with sports. A teaser on the front page of the section read:
"The Giants' young lineup did not score till the ninth inning."
There are far better reasons to mock the Merc, but none that require so little work on my part.


Anonymous said...

btw, you guys look hot!

Kathy Schrenk said...

Ahh, college. Sorority chicks and Natural Ice.

Koland said...

You are correct. All pictured (aged 28, 26, 26, 25) in this photo are still in school.