Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Town Crier drops the other shoe

Coming back to Los Altos this weekend for my grandmother's 90th birthday celebration reminded me again of the many reasons I love home. While Los Altos High hosted the annual Relay for Life and Jamba Juice offered a two-for-one, I spent time with family and friends, watching high school water polo, swimming at Foothills, and playing basketball on Sunday afternoon at Terman. We even had a moonbounce.

You can imagine, then, why I was so disappointed to see the Town Crier go negative.

They warned us this would happen, two months ago, but who possibly could have been prepared for the vitriol of last week's editorial, describing the Civic Center as "badly used" and "as a whole unattractive and sadly out of date."

That kind of talk belongs in Mountain View maybe, not Los Altos.

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BigDra said...

Right on. What happened to all the "good news" (the TC is like a Catholic missionary). I think its in response to last week's letter for an old guy who said our civic center didn't compare to those of surrounding cities. I do think, though, that a little critical journalism could get things done - so maybe its good to see that in the TC?

Also, what do you know about Jamba two-for-ones? You live 2 blocks from a Jamba juice and never took advantage...!