Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Advice from family and friends

At a going away party my family through for me a few weeks ago (thanks to everyone who came), my mom circulated some paper so people could write down some advice for me. She led it off with "Meet a nice girl with long arms and bring her home to meet the family by Thanksgiving '06 not '07.''

Here are my other favorites:
Molly Tanenbaum:
"To do in LA: 1) Find a decent bagel. 2) Meet Larry David.
To not do in LA: 1) Party with undergrads. 2) Continue blogging about MV + Los Altos news."
(Sorry, Molly, but building a shower to take to Burning Man cost you some credibility here.)
Arcia Dorosti:
"I can't think of anything important to say. So, I will call you when it comes to me."
(He called a few days later with updates on the A's).
"Deep thought: You will go as far as your heart and mind take you.
Lighter note: I'll hook you up with some girls if you buy me beer."
See you in a few weeks, Bubba.


Kathy Schrenk said...

Since I don't hold grudges against people who don't invite me to their going-away parties, I'll give you a bit of advice:

Wait until at least your second semester to switch from environmental law to entertainment law.

You're welcome.

MJ said...

Finally! It is nice to see some posts... you need to hook a fellow grad student up with some good procrastination pieces.

bigdra said...

Good to have you back. I'll let your mom know that I've done my best to find some nice girls for you. However, LA just might not be the place to find nice girls. Lucky you.